Microsoft Azure SSO

The Profiler system allows SSO enabled authentication against Microsoft 365 Azure. The document outlines the required steps to enroll Profiler as an Enterprise Application in Microsoft Azure for single sign-on for your Profiler instance.

Note: The username/email address that is returned from Microsoft Azure must match a valid user inside the Profiler system as set at Setup > User Management. The permissions are based upon Profiler setup for that user. SSO is used to authenticate the user to the Profiler system.

Permissions are used User.Read from the Azure Directory to read the Azure Active Directory UPN / Email Address

Profiler uses the Microsoft Identity Platform using modern OpenID & OAuth 2.0 to verify the user against Azure AD. It does NOT use the legacy SAML protocol.

Key Information

Enable SSO inside Profiler

To allow Profiler to work with Azure AD – go to Setup > System Wide Settings and in the General Options choose/tick/enable Use Microsoft/Office365 Single Sign-On for Authentication.

Once enabled this will add the Login with Microsoft 365 on your login screen for Profiler.

Automatically add the application to your Azure AD enterprise apps

  • Go to your Profiler instance login page
  • Click Login with Microsoft 365

Enterprise Application Setup

  • From Enterprise Applications click Add New Application
  • Search for Profiler Software in the Azure AD Gallery (you can also add this by going to the “Contact Profiler Support” stage below)
  • Add this to your Azure Application stack following the instructions
  • Contact Profiler Support on [email protected] to organise an account to be added to the Profiler SSO system that can be logged in as a test (ie. [email protected]) for SSO. This account on logon will check and install the Azure Application into the Active Directory Applications.
  • You will then be able to log on to the Profiler system and check (or install) to Azure Profiler App for SSO
  • Profiler Support can help with further details on [email protected]
  • You can customise any features / permissions on the app inside the Azure AD applications as Profiler only uses the User.Read permission to get the email address UPN of the user for verification.

OpenID / Connect Workflow for Authentication with Profiler CRM

Username SSO Map (inside Profiler)

Using a high-level access user (or raising a ticket with Profiler Support) you can set up user management using SSO at Setup > User Management

  • For users using SSO, ensure the Email field matches that as found on the Azure AD profile (as part of the User.Read) permissions
  • Tick the User Must Use Single Sign On – this enforces the user for SSO. This user will no longer be able to log on with a standard username and password, and must use SSO – you can find more details on that process here
  • Once you are sure this is all operational, go to Setup > System Wide Settings and in the General Options tick/enable the Enforce SSO Login – this will enforce all users to log in via SSO, there will be no option for non-SSO logon.

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